Chithrakathi paintings on Bharatha-K-Koothu


  • 047 sepsis3

    Shakuni plunders the corpse of Duryodhana turning a fox, avenging the evil done to his people by the Kauravas

  • 046 the Charge

    The final combat between Duryodhana and Bhima enacted on the streets making the whole village the kurukshethra

  • 045  growth

    Making of Periandavar (Duryodhana) for the ‘Padukalam’ rituals

  • 044 seclusion

    Duryodhana hiding under water chanting the Sanjeevani mantra

  • 042 the choice

    Duryodhana refuses even the space of a needle tip for the Pandavas

  • 040 the labour

    Gandhari forces the delivery of Kauravas

  • 043 the protector

    Ghandhari tries to strengthen Duryodhana by her gaze while Krishna makes a fowl paly

  • 041 refuge

    Nagakkanni recommends Aravan to help Perunthiruval to rescue Duryodhana