Chithrakathi paintings on Bharatha-K-Koothu

Vaishnavi Srikanth

  • 007 Anguish

    Announcing the pregnancy of Sundari during bereavement

  • 006The hero

    enactment of the might of Abhimanyu in the chakravyuha. Posing of the artiste as Abhimanyu after his limbs are cut

  • 004 Slander

    Abhimanyu Humiliates Drona as he approaches Dharmaraja for a talk


    Arjuna and Krishna admire the might of Abhimanyu

  • iner2 - Copy

    Abhimanyu in the womb listens to Arjuna’s secret about the Chakravyuham

  • 001 A cautious move

    Arjuna introduces Subhadra to Draupadi as a milk maid

Indira Seshadri